4th Board of Trustees of the Foundation

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees, elected for a period of five years, which includes representatives of the parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag, the Federal Government, the federal State of Berlin, as well as distinguished personalities from the field of study of Communist dictatorship, stands at the head of the Foundation. The chairperson of this board is Markus Meckel, his deputy is Bundestag member Hartmut Koschyk. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees decides on all matters relevant to the foundation’s field of responsibility and monitors the activities of the Board of Directors.

The Foundation’s 4th Board of Trustees, constituted 2 July 2015, includes:

Members elected by the German Bundestag as according to nominations by the parliamentary groups
Members elected by the German Bundestag, coming from the circles of people who have distinguished themselves and proven outstanding qualification in matters related to the study of the Communist dictatorship in East Germany.
Members appointed by the Federal Government
Representatives of the Federal State of Berlin