Documentation And Information Center, "DIZ"

Torgau was the center of the Wehrmacht's penal system during World War II; two Wehrmacht-prisons were located there from 1939 to 1945. One of them was the Zinna fortress (Fort Zinna), where in August 1945 the Soviet secret police NKVD (a predecessor of the KGB) established Special Internment Camp No. 8. Originally built for 1,000 inmates, by late 1945, already 7,500 prisoners were herded together in the facilities. Barracks were built and in March 1946 a new location found in the neighboring Seydlitz-caserne. The camp was closed in January 1947. The Zinna fortress, however, continued to exist as "Special Internment Camp No. 10" from May 1946 until October 1948. Since the fall of 1946, mostly Soviet citizens were gathered there who had been convicted by Soviet MIilitary Tribunals to be transported to forced labor camps in the USSR. Between 1945 and 1948, in both special internment camps in Torgau, about 800 to 850 people died; 130 of them were executed. In 1950, the GDR's police forces took over the Zinna fortress, which in 1990 became a prison in the free state of Saxony. As the fortress is still being used as a prison, the Documentation and Information Center Torgau (DIZ), which was founded in 1991, is situated in the Hartenfels castle. The DIZ focuses on the history of prisons in Torgau, including the penal system of the Wehrmacht, the Soviet Special Internment Camps No. 8 and No. 10, and the prison regime in the GDR. At the prison itself, a memorial commemorates the victims of both the Nazi and the Soviet prisons. In May 2010, a memorial was added that commemorates the victims of the National Socialist military judiciary.





Documentation and Information Center (DIZ) Torgau
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