Former Administrative Buildings of the Stasi

The East German Ministry of State Security (nicknamed "Stasi") was founded in February 1950 shortly after the creation of the GDR. Over the years, the Stasi developed into a huge bureaucracy headquartered in Berlin with district administrations in all district capitols and offices in the smaller towns of each district. There were only three Ministers of State Security, the most famous being Erich Mielke, who was involved in Stasi affairs since its beginning, and who headed it from 1957 until 1989. By 1989, the Stasi had about 90,000 full time employees and some 173,000 "unofficial informers"; 15,000 of the latter operated in Western Germany. The Stasi headquarters and the district administrations typically had an office building and a pre-trial detention prison. Sometimes both were housed in one complex (as was the case in the Bautzner Strasse Dresden) while elsewhere there existed two different facilities (as was the case in Leipzig).

Berlin: Stasi Museum Berlin-Research and Memorial Site Normannenstrasse

Leipzig: Memorial Site Museum in the "Round Corner" in Leipzig with the Museum in the Stasi-Bunker in Machern and the Execution Site