Former Prisons and Pre-Trial Detention Facilities Run by the Stasi

The Stasi-prisons are infamous for their role in political repression. The Stasi ran one pre-trial detention prison in each capital of an adminiustrative district. It also had a special Stasi prison in Bautzen. The history of the prison buildings differed. Some dated back to the 19th century or earlier and had served as prison facilities also during national socialism (e.g., Halle, "Red Ox"). Others were handed over from the Soviets to the East German establishment. Yet others were newly built. Added must be locations were political repression was masterminded, such as administrative buildings of the Stasi (e.g., Leipzig, "Round Corner") see above.

Bautzen: Bautzen Memorial

Berlin: Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial

Cottbus: Memorial Site at the Former

Dresden: Bautzner Strasse Memorial

Erfurt: Andreasstrasse Memorial

Frankfurt/Oder: Memorial and Documentation Site "Victims Of Political Tyranny" 1933-1989

Gera: Memorial Site at the Former Penitentiary

Halle/Saale: "Red Ox" Memorial Penitentiary

Leipzig:Memorial Site Museum in the "Round Corner" in Leipzig with the Museum in the Stasi-Bunker in Machern and the Execution Site

Magdeburg: Moritzplatz Memorial for the Victims of Political Despotism, 1945-1989)

Neustrelitz: Stasi Prison Töpferstrasse

Potsdam: "Lindenstrasse 54" Memorial

Rostock: The Federal Commissioner for the Files of the Security Service of the former GDR / documentation and memorial site Rostock

Schwerin: Documentation Center at the Demmlerplatz