Fünfeichen Memorial

In Fünfeichen (southern Neubrandenburg) the Nazis had turned a former farming property into a prisoners of war (POW) camp as early as in 1939. In May 1945, the Soviet secret police NKVD (later KGB) used the facilities to establish Special Internment Camp No. 6. More than 15,000 persons were imprisoned in the Soviet Special internment Camp No. 6 until it was closed down in late 1948. Until 1950, all the barracks and numerous other buildings were torn down, only the former manor remained as a ruin. In 1961, a memorial for the victims of the POW camp was errected, but it received little attention and care as from 1979 until 1990 it was located in a restricted military zone. The special internment camp was not commemorated at all. In 1990, researchers of the regional museum Neubrandenburg discovered two grave sites connected to the Soviet speical internment camp. In the following year, former inmates and their relatives founded an initiative, and in 1993 a memorial was inaugurated. By 1999, 59 bronze plates had been placed on the southern gravesite with the names of 5,000 victims of the Special Internment Camp No. 6. A huge supported cross has distinguished the memorial site since 1993. The regional museum Neubrandenburg relates the camp's history.



Memorial Cruxes


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