Memorial Site in Remembrance of Special Internment Camp No. 5 Ketschendorf

In late April 1945, the Soviet secret police NKVD (later KGB) established Special Internment Camp No. 5 in a workers' settlement that a German company had built for 500 employees (including families) only in 1940. The Special Internment Camp No. 5 at times witnessed up to 9,000 inmates; on average there were about 6,700 prisoners. The total number of inmates is unclear, as to the at least 10,500 detainees the names of thousands of prisoners need to be added for whom Ketschendorf was merely a brief episode before they were transported to the Soviet Union or to other camps. The camp was dissolved in March 1947 and the facilities put to a civilian use. In 1952 and 1953, about 4,499 of the camp's victims were discovered during construction work. They were anonymously burried in Halbe until 1990, when the gravesite was finally marked. In 2004, stone plates with the names of 4,620 victims were placed. In March 1990, former inmates formed an initiative to remember the former special internment camp. They held a first public memorial service on May 8 of that year. A nearby memorial site opened to the public on the same day.



Fürstenwalde - Ketschendorf


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