After World War II, the Special Internment Camp No. 3 was located in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen in what used to be a former canteen kitchen. The camp was closed down already in 1946. The Soviets subsequently--until 1951--used the facilities as their central pre-trial detention prison in Eastern Germany. The Special Internment Camp No. 3 served to gather prisoners to be sent to other locations. At times, up to 4,200 persons were crowded there. According to official Soviet statistics, between July 1945 and October 1946 alone, 886 of the inmates died. The reports of survivors suggest, however, that ca. 3,000 casualties would be closer to the truth.

From 1951 until early 1990, the Stasi used the facilities as a remand prison. Berlin-Hohenschönhausen became a memorial site in 1994. The remains of 259 victims of the special internment camp were put to rest on the nearby cemetary in 1995 and 1999. Other gravesides have not been found. A memorial for the victims of the Special Internment Camp No. 3 was created on the cemetary in 1998.





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