International networking

In line with its establishment act, the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany is tasked, as stated in §2/2.6, with ‘the promotion of international cooperation in the study and reappraisal of dictatorships, particularly within the European context’.

The Foundation’s activities are particularly focused on promoting international networking and cooperation through corresponding events, field excursions and publications, while serving as an important actor of study and reappraisal (also) on the international stage, and as a conduit between retrospective appraisal in society, science, politics and the media.

Projects in this field of the Foundation’s work which have already been realised include the production of publications as well as further projects for purposes of international networking. They include:

- The exchange programme "Memory Work"promoting international exchange in questions of memorial work and the study of tyranny and dictatorship.

- The Yearbook of Historical Communism Research, whose international group of authors presents the most recent findings from international Communism research.

- The annual international memorial site meeting in Krzyżowa, which brings together representatives of memorial sites, museums, research institutions and NGOs in Krzyżowa, Poland, and where projects dealing with questions of European and international remembrance culture are presented and discussed.

- Annual field excursions to former Communist countries to learn about local efforts towards study and reappraisal – as well as related discourses – and to establish new contacts and initiate collaborations.

- The online version of the International Dissident Encyclopedia, a biographical database of the Eastern European opposition.

- The Vademecum International series, so far published in eleven country versions (Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Great Britain).

- the Foundation’s participation in international congresses such as in the European Parliament and other networks, as well as diverse contacts and collaborations with a number of partner institutions in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, the USA and the CEE countries.

- The cooperation with the international Union of Victims Associations of Communist Tyranny (UOKG) and the Foundation’s presence at all international congresses.