Communism in its Time

The Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany and the Deutsches Historisches Museum are jointly sponsoring an exhibition in 2017 about the history of communism in the 20th century. Its author is the historian Dr. Gerd Koenen, Frankfurt/M. The exhibition comprises 25 DIN A1 exhibition panels, which are available in the following languages (linked with screen versions of the exhibitioin in low resolution):

How to Order

German-language version: A printed German-language version can be ordered for a nominal charge of 30 € (VAT included); additional charges for shipping are 4,20 € within Germany, up to 15 € for other countries in the EU, and between 25 and 30 € for addresses outside the EU. The posters will be delivered carefully rolled-up and must then be framed or mounted on exhibition boards. Orders for the German-language version can only be placed via the following website:

Foreign-language versions: The exhibition is currently available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. These versions are available for download as a PDF print file. An accompanying twelve-page booklet, as well as a poster and card advertizing the exhibition, can also be downloaded as PDF files. Institutions hosting this exhibition are responsible for producing the exhibition (e.g., printing it on poster paper or plastic panels), as well as for any accompanying material, and will bear all costs associated with production. Please note that the printable, high resolved PDF-Files of the exhibition may not be published on the internet. If you wish to present a PDF-file of the exhibition on your website you may only use a low resolved version which is provided on the website Institutions that request the print files for download must guarantee that they will use these files exclusively for the production of this exhibition and that they will subsequently delete these files.

The Russian version of the exhibition is distributed in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Institutions who prefer to present a layout version of the exhibition with the logos only from the DHM and the Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung can also apply these data.

Copyright Matters! Please note: If you order the printing data, you will have to acknowledge that you will use it solely to produce the exhibition and that you will delete it immediately afterwards. You will not provide the print data to any third parties (except when necessary for printing the exhibition), and you must guarantee that the print data will not be posted on the intra- or internet. Please be aware that the exhibition design, as well as the texts and images used in the exhibition, are copyrighted and that you have no right to use any of these texts and images for any other purpose whatsoever apart from the exhibition. Please be aware as well that the holders of the copyrights can pursue legal means against you if you do not abide by the stipulations of a written agreement you will be required to sign regarding the use of the text and images. You will also agree only to show the exhibition as a whole and not in part.

Exceptions: The sponsors of the exhibition realize that their potential partner institutions may have to provide digital copies of the exhibition for educational purposes or to acquire the cooperation of other institutions for the showing of the exhibition. The exhibition is therefore made available for such purposes as PDF-files in low resolution at the beginning of this page. Please be aware that these PDF-files are the only versions that may be provided to third parties and/or posted on the intra- or internet!

You can request the printing data here: