Victims and Commemoration

The establishment act of the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany states, among other things, that the Foundation’s purpose includes contributing to and supporting the comprehensive investigation and reappraisal of the causes, history and impact of the dictatorship in the Soviet occupation zone in Germany and the GDR as well as keeping alive the memory of the injustice that was committed and the victims it left behind.

Keeping the memory of the victims of Communist dictatorship alive is among the Foundation’s primary tasks. Ever since its establishment, the Foundation therefore directs much of its efforts to commemorating the victims of the dictatorship in the Soviet occupation zone in Germany and the GDR along with their moral and material rehabilitation.

This is reflected by ongoing support for the associations organised in particular by former inmates of camps and prisons. Through its project funding, the Foundation not only ensures that these associations are able to continue their counselling and educational work, but also the continued existence of the Union of Victims Associations of Communist Tyranny (UOKG), an umbrella organisation engaging in lobbying work on the former’s behalf at a national and international level.

Another project funded (in this context) is the journal Der Stacheldraht (‘Barbed Wire’), which serves as a means of internal and public communication among the victims of Communist dictatorship in East Germany. Amendments to the Unlawful Pursuit Act (SED-UnBerG) as well as what is referred to as the ‘victim’s pension’ introduced in 2007 exemplify the results of joint lobbying and engagement by the Foundation and the Victims associations. Efforts for the moral rehabilitation of the victims of dictatorship include working against forgetting the past, which the Foundation pursues through comprehensive funding of exhibitions, memorial sites, publications, films and scientific studies in the sense of a cross-sectional task of the Foundation’s work.

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