Police Prisons and Special Detention Facilities in the GDR

While the East German secret police "Stasi" (i.e., Ministry of State Security) is infamous for its methods of political repression, it was actually a part of the larger state apparatus of repression controlled by the Socialist Union Party SED. By consequence, other prisons and places of detention such as police prisons and youth detention facilities need to be taken into account in order to obtain a more complete picture.

Berlin: historical learning site Keibelstrasse

Bützow: documentation about political abuse of the Bützow prisons

Cottbus: memorial site at the former penitentiary

Dresden: Münchner Platz memorial

Leipzig: execution site

Stollberg: prison castle Hoheneck

Torgau: documentation and information center Torgau, "DIZ"

Torgau: memorial and meeting site at the former closed youth detention facility Torgau