Prisons Run by the Soviets in Eastern Germany

The Soviet secret police did not only operate 10 special internment camps in Eastern Germany from the end of World War II until the creation of the GDR. There were also numerous KGB prisons before 1950 often nicknamed "NKVD cellar" or "GPU cellar" depending on the changing name of the Soviet secret police. Some 60 such cellars existed in Berlin alone. As is also the case with Soviet special internment camps and GDR prisons, facilities used as Soviet prisons in East Germany tend to have a longer history that includes political repression during national socialism and sometimes even dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries (as is the case with the Münchner Platz in Dresden). A special status has the former remand prison at Leistikowstrasse in Potsdam, which initially served to imprison both German and Soviet citizens. After 1953, it was used for internal Soviet military jurisdiction. This former Soviet prison was operated on GDR soil until the mid-1980s.

Potsdam: memorial and meeting site at the former KGB-prison