Research from A-Z

Biographical Databases
Wer war wer in der DDR? Ein Lexikon ostdeutscher Biographien (‘Who was Who in the GDR? An Encyclopedia of East German Biographies’) and Deutsche Kommunisten: Biographisches Handbuch 1918 bis 1945 (‘German Communist Biographical Handbook 1918 to 1945’) are two standard reference works containing around 5,400 biographies, which we are pleased to make available as searchable online database with the kind support of the editors and publishers. (German only)

Historical Calendar
Here you can browse the period of the SED dictatorship and history of German partition day by day, gaining a kaleidoscopic insight into German-German history. (German only)

Library Catalogue
The collection of the Foundation’s library can be searched directly via the online catalogue. In our specialised academic library, you will find literature on the resistance against Communist dictatorship, opposition and repression throughout the entire erstwhile Communist power bloc, and the Communist movement prior to 1945. Furthermore, the Foundation’s library collects primary and secondary literature on the revolutionary upheaval of 1989-90 and discussions and reflections of the process of accounting for the past, both nationally and internationally. (German only)

Link Lists
The world wide web offers a vast number of (ever-changing) informational platforms on the subject of study and reappraisal of the SED dictatorship in East Germany. The Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany provides a regularly updated and reviewed collection of links concerning the topics as indicated. (German only)

Newsletter Aufarbeitung Aktuell
The newsletter Aufarbeitung aktuell provides detailed information on the most important ongoing activities of the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany as well as all currently funded projects. (German only)

A guide to institutions of study and reappraisal, research institutions, museums and memorials in other countries of the former Eastern bloc can be found in the various vademecums, some of which can be downloaded and others ordered via our online publication store.

Vademecum online
The research vademecum on the GDR lists more than 550 national and international archives, libraries, research institutions, institutions of political education, historical societies, museums and memorials as well as professional journals and funding institutions. The current edition was published in 2002, please send us any suggestions for updates via e-mail. (German only)