Field Excursions

For the past years, the activities of the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany have included the organisation of field excursions to former Communist-ruled countries, each with the participation of about 20 directors and senior representatives of museums, memorial sites, study and research institutions, media, politics, etc. Participants usually include members of the German Bundestag, representatives of victims’ associations, State Government Commissioners for the Documents of the State Security Service of the former GDR, researchers, specialised journalists and experts on the study of Communist dictatorship.

The aim of these trips is to learn more about the distinct angles of reappraisal of European Communist regimes and establish or expand contacts for future cooperation.

Over the past years, destinations of such trips have included Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Republic of Moldova as well as Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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