Science and Research

The promotion of scientific engagement with the causes, history and impact of the Communist dictatorships in East Germany and Eastern Europe as well as with German – and European – partition represents one of the key fields of the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany’s work.

The Foundation uses its limited resources to fund junior researchers, conferences and workshops, alongside granting proportional shares of printing costs so as to facilitate knowledge transfer to historical-political education and the general public.

Furthermore, the Foundation is able to support small-scale, innovative scientific research and publication projects which tend to receive little attention from the larger funding institutions. The Foundation seeks to provide attractive research framework conditions for academic study of the GDR, the history of partition, and Communist dictatorships more generally, as well as facilitate access to the current state of research and historical sources so as to spark the interest of both young and accomplished researchers in the topic.

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Dr. Ulrich Mählert
Head of Research and International Cooperation
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