»history-codes 2014«

To mark the 25th anniversary of the revolutionary upheaval in the GDR and Central and Eastern Europe, the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany is running its tenth artistic competition »history-codes« for university students within Europe in 2014.

Falling Walls
Freedom as a European Challenge

»history-codes 2014«

1989 marks the high point of the history of European freedom in the 20th century. Not only were the inhabitants of the GDR able to throw off the chains of the SED dictatorship in the peaceful revolution, the inhabitants of the whole of Central and Eastern Europe rejected decades of heteronomy and communist rule which had reigned there since the Second World War unleashed by Germany. From 1989/90, the countries of Europe were finally able to live in freedom and harmony with one another. However, the challenge of peaceful co-habitation continues to present itself every day, as does the challenge of "future-proofing" freedom in the face of the present economic and political crises in Europe.

For many, living in freedom is a given today, and living with a lack of freedom under a dictatorship is unimaginable. What does freedom mean to those in Europe who had to live without freedom, and for those who did not make this experience? What does freedom mean against the background of using their own strength to overcome decades without freedom ? How does the shared history of Europe continue to affect our perception of freedom today? How is the subject of freedom portrayed in view of current political developments?

We are interested in your creative ideas on the topic of "Falling Walls – Freedom as a European Challenge" against the background of the 25th anniversary of the revolutionary upheaval in Central and Eastern Europe, which not only changed the face of Europe, but the whole world as well.

Take part in our »history-codes 2014« poster competition and send us your poster on the topic of "Falling Walls – Freedom as a European Challenge".