Erinnerungskultur: Die Geschichte von SED-Diktatur und Teilung erinnern


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Maik Kopleck: Berlin 1945-1989 - Pastfinder (engl.)

Maik Kopleck: Berlin 1945-1989 - Pastfinder (engl.)

Traces of German History - A Guidebook

Christoph Links Verlag, Berlin 2006, ISBN 3-86153-411-8, 98 pages, Paperback
In collaboration with Bundestiftung Aufarbeitung
available for 12,90 € in bookstores

No other city in the world was marked by the Cold War like Berlin. Here at the Wall, the power blocs of the world confronted each other. Here, intelligence agencies of the East and West ran their spy centers. Here, each system attempted to present its own way of life as ideal. Only after the peaceful revolution of 1989 in the GDR the divided city was able to grow together again and to become the capitel of a reunited Germany.
Mark Kopleck´s PAST FINDER takes you to well-known and lesser known sites of the history. It gives a concise account of the historic events and introduces the most important personalities. Several maps and a clear graphic design let you put together your own sightseeing tour and provide quick orientation at each location.

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