Patrick Hesse: Maturity and Messianism: About the Reach of Communist Liberation in South Indian Telengana, 1946-1951


In: Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismusforschung 2014. Berlin: Metropol Verlag, pp. 191–209.

This paper deals with a large-scale peasant uprising in the Telengana region of the erstwhile Indian princely state of Hyderabad between 1946 and 1951. It focuses on how the communist project of emancipation dealt with the traditional forms of social organization which were prevalent in Hyderabad's as a still predominantly feudal society. Especially gender relations and the practice of untouchability were obstacles to an egalitarian implementation of Sangham (community). As a consequence, it will be shown how the resulting slow pace of the communist agenda of emancipation was due to limitations on the part of their supporters as well on the part of its ‘recipients’.

Über den Autor

Patrick Hesse, M.A., geb. 1980 in Berlin, 2000–2007 Studium der Englischen Philologie sowie der Neueren und Neuesten Geschichte in Freiburg und Neu-Delhi. Seit 2009 Promotionsstudent an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Veröffentlichung: »Grenzgänge zwischen Marxismus und Religion: Die Anfänge der Kommunistischen Partei Indiens«, in: Freiburger Universitätsblätter, 188 (Juni 2010), S. 119–134.